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Agen taruhan judi online terpercaya – Setan Merah VS Si Merah: Pertentangan Sengit di Lini Tengah



Premier League pekan ke-16 hendak menghasilkan duel 2 raksasa Inggris, Manchester United & Liverpool, dalam Old Trafford, Minggu (14/12) malam WIB mendatang. Pertarungan yang diprediksi akan berjalan garang mempertimbangkan lini tengah akan jadi jagoan ke 2 skuad ini.test1


MU hendak menjamu Liverpool dgn kepercayaan diri tinggi ketika mendominasi lima perjuangan terakhirnya di Premier League. Sehabis pernah tersendat-sendat pada pembukaan musim, tim Louis van Gaal itu udah duduk di kondisi ketiga klasemen.


Sedangkan pada klub Liverpool, permainan anak asuh Brendan Rodgers tersebut masih belum kunjung membaik sampai liga melintas 15 pekan. The Reds kudu kembali bersedia kehilangan poin dalam kandang sendiri sehabis bermain imbang tanpa gol dengan Sunderland.


Kualitas permainan Liverpool musim ini begitu kontras dgn musim kemarin. Ketajaman lini serang Liverpool yg sangat ditakuti lawan di musim silam sedikit pun gak tersua pada musim ini.


Dalam Tengah Badai Cedera


Ke 2 skuad sama-sama hadir di duel tersebut dgn menghadapi kesulitan badai cedera. Dalam kubu MU, regu defensi ialah divisi yg tersangkut dampak amat gede. Chris Smalling, Rafael, Luke Shaw, Daley Blind, & Phil Jones adalah 5 tokoh bertahan United yg masih mesti bolos sebab cedera.


Selain tersebut, masih ada Angel Di maria …

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Agen Resmi Judi Bola Online Hanya Deposit 50 Ribu



Sepak bola sudah ada sejak dulu dan sangat populer hingga ke seluruh dunia. DImana permainan ini sangat mudah untuk dimainkan, bahkan anak kecil sudah bisa bermain. Sampai kini menjadi cabang olahraga yang banyak peminatnya. Hingga mulai bermunculan kompetisi sepak bola dari tiap Negara, bahkan hingga adanya Piala Dunia 2018 yang sangat ditunggu – tunggu oleh masyarakat.


Sehingga mulai bermunculan para penjudi  yang melakukan taruhan bola. Awalnya hanya untuk hiburan semata, tetapi mulai banyak yang ingin mencari keuntungan. Dalam permainan judi bola sangat seru dan mendebarkan, apalagi langsung menonton tim kesayangannya. Untuk itu mulai banyak Agen Resmi Judi Bola untuk membantu memudahkan para player. Tetapi sejak jaman orde baru, pemerintah mulai melarang masyarakatnya untuk tidak melakukan taruhan yang berbau judi.


Dengan adanya teknologi yang sudah berkembang, kalian tidak perlu lagi khawatir. Sebab sudah ada situs yang menyediakan bantuan dalam permainan judi bola pkv poker  secara online. Hanya dengan melalui Agen Judi Bola Indonesia kalian bisa mendapatkan ID situs judi bola. Situs Sbobet, IBCbet, 368bet, dan SBC168 bisa kalian akses dengan handphone yang berbasis Android atau IOS. Jadi tidak perlu lagi untuk pergi ke bandar untuk melakukan betting.


Hanya dengan melakukan Daftar Judi Bola kamu bisa bermain …

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Problem Togel Gambling Runs In Families according to recent study



Problem gambling runs in families according to a University of Iowa study published online in the journal Psychiatry Research. The study also found an excess of alcoholism, drug disorders and antisocial personality disorder in families with pathological gamblers.


This is the first study of its kind to include detailed family interviews of relatives of persons with pathological gambling, said Donald W. Black, M.D., professor of psychiatry in the UI Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine.


“Something is being passed along in these families that increases the persons’ likelihood of engaging in impulsive and ultimately self-destructive behavior. In some persons, it manifests as substance abuse, in others as antisocial behavior, and in others gambling, and often the three are combined,” said Black, who has studied pathological gambling for the past eight years.


The study consisted of interviews of 31 pathological gamblers and 31 controls, and their respective first-degree relatives (parents, siblings and children).


“We looked at first-degree relatives because they theoretically share 50 percent of their genes with the pathological gambler or the control subject. If this disorder runs in families, it is most likely to cluster in those that you share …

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Friday’s Are Fun At Bingo Fun with casino en ligne francais



Bingo FunBingo Fun, the online bingo hall, are giving away a guaranteed prize of $400 every Friday, with the chance of a $4,000 jackpot.


Friday’s really are more fun than any other day of the week. Most people have finished work for the week and are ready to enjoy a great weekend, so how about $400 to kickstart your weekend? how about $4,000! to really get you into the swing of things? Well that’s what is on offer at Bingo Fun every Friday.


Here’s how it works:

The Red Light Special jackpot game has a $4,000 jackpot up for grabs plus a guaranteed prize of $400, that’s correct, someone MUST win at least $400 in this game every Friday evening at 8pm (Eastern time), this is a 25cent game.


Bingo Fun have several other great prizes and jackpots up for grabs, so not only is it worth staying home this Friday evening, you may want to check out some of the other promotions on offer throughout the week:


Try the Smiley Face pattern game every Saturday at 8pm (Eastern) for a $200 prize

On Sunday, how about the High 5 game? You could win …

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Luske handed European accolade ahead of strong opposition



The Flying Dutchman Marcel Luske has been named ‘Player of the Year’ at the European Poker Awards in Helsinki, Finland. Luske, with a victory in Barcelona amongst six final table appearances in Europe, saw off strong opposition from Willie Tan, Ram Vaswani, Dave Colclough and Lucy Rokach to take the accolade.


Finland’s Jani Sointula was handed the title of ‘Rookie of the Year’ thanks to his victory in the Monte Carlo Millions.


Swede Martin De Knijff received the award for ‘Best Tournament Performance’, having won a cool $2.7m in the $25,000 Bellagio WPT event.


Estonian Andres Burget won the ‘Casino Staff Person’ award for his development of poker in the Baltic States.


This was the fourth year of the European pengeluaran hk Awards where Oscar style nominations are supplied by a 20-person panel whose identities are withheld. Sadly there are also no apparent guidelines for nominations and/or the final votes, which is a secret ballot by a named panel.


Clearly, for example, Luske’s American exploits (runner-up in 7-card-stud and 10th in the WSOP main event) must have scored heavily as his domestic results were not up to the standard of his rivals. Similarly …

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Cold hits, Midwest spoons with Hellmuth



Frigid, heartless winter ambushed the Midwest last week and drove the kind folks of the Northern Plains indoors, looking for action to while away the hours. So they did what came naturally: they tried to cuddle up with the Madison Kid, and player numbers surged on UltimateBet.


And the icy temperatures that drove people indoors apparently also drove them straight into the arms of Phil Hellmuth and his home poker site, UltimateBet, with a noticeable upswing in player action from the area being reported.


They called it a “Midwestern surge,” but whatever the moniker, UltimateBet was certainly happy about it.


“Since winter has finally arrived,” spokesperson George MacLean said in a release, “our site has seen a massive increase in online activity.


“As soon as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, our player numbers rise as thoughts turn to Texas Hold’em.”


Accounts usually dormant on weekdays were fired up and weekend numbers soared as well, they reported.


The reason, they say: Winter poker tournaments and the promise of exercising one’s mind from the warmth of the living room or home office sounded appealing, as hopes for outdoor recreation were dashed with …

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WPT American Showdown



Despite a few good hands, baby Mikey’s general principle is to go in swinging, just about playing everything and bluffing as much as possible. I believe Phil Hellmuth calls this “poker creature” the Jackal. Coach Danny N. tells Joe to move all in on a KsQs against Mikey’s 6h6d, on a flop of Kh,8d,Jd,4h. Joe takes the advice, and Mikey’s face drops, but he calls. The river’s a 5h, and Joe takes it.


Mikey gets a KhQs against Carter’s pocket AsAh and Paul Jr.’s 7h3d. The flop is 7c6hAd, to give Carter a trip. Paul’s out, Mikey calls 40K, and Carter’s cool as a cucumber – even when he gets an As on the turn. Four friggin’ ACES. Mikey asks if anyone’s checked Carter’s sleeve, as he goes out in 5th position.


Slowfinger Paul Sr. goes all in on AdKh against humble chip leader Carter’s Js6c on a flop of Qs4c6h. Carter folds. Paul Jr goes all in with 10K without looking at his cards. Joe raises, then folds. Carter raises on an open-handed straight draw (9s2s) against 7s,6s,5h,7c and Paul Sr.’s Qc8c. Carter folds, and Poppa Paul wins side pot, then beats Paul Jr. Junior’s …

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Poker Spy UK – A players guide to online poker playing – Bandarq



A Guide to Poker Etiquette


Poker’s Recent Rise in Popularity

Nowadays, poker is taking the world by storm. Poker players are becoming celebrities and cable television even airs shows dedicated solely to the game. What does all this mean? Two words: Big Business. The poker revival can really be attributed to the Internet. Online poker sites have grown exponentially in the past few years, reaching fans all across the world. Everyone from poker professionals to beginners can find an online Bandarq game that matches their skill and financial levels from the comfort of their own homes.


Tournaments such as the World Poker Tour also have played a hand in raising poker’s popularity. Non-professional players can participate and try their luck against the very best. Recently, a non-professional player managed to win 2.5 million dollars in the Tour, which attracted such popular attention that NBC recently signed a deal with them.


Today, sponsorship deals are everywhere. The Bandarq growing industry is bringing in billions of dollars a year, attracting investors and turning professional poker players into wealthy celebrities.


Poker has definitely come a long way over the past few years, developing into new areas never …

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