Moisturizer, wrinkle on the face and then build up, foundation, powder, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, etc these are the things that we women we generally use, right? Have you always contemplation about how many chemicals we apply to our skin? According to scientific research, are on average 515 per day. Research conducted by Charlotte Smith on Bunsen analyzed the number of chemical agents with which we enter willingly into usual communicate, says us that: “Thirteen produced on average each of which consists of more than 20 ingredients, including additives and thickeners. The scents range from 250 to 400 chemicals is very dangerous cocktail.

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Beauty products in some cases can cause allergies, and are not just city legends, with all these products, each with its chemical, is a high risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions, though one by one might be harmless, when you combine perceptibly the risks are growing exponentially.

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Charlotte Smith explains: “The everyday cosmetics has changed dramatically in the years before it was more soap and water, nowadays is a continual application of fake tan, false nails, lamps, fillers, hair and eyelashes extended. at the back many of these practices are hidden dangers. ”

The ecological groups are waging a battle for the ending of parables, which are used as preservatives fine health but also of sodium laurel sulfate, which gives the effect of foam and phthalates and formaldehyde, which are cautious very harmful. You can also learn about “where can fillers be used on face“, click here

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My advice is to be cautious not to purchase expired products or abused, for example exposure to the sun, not to combine too many things to dissimilar brands, to throw whole thing away after the deadline, and above all not to purchase things from the Internet from foreign sites unless are not certified by the EEC symbol or anything equivalent.

Food Red Wine is a Friend of Female Sexuality

Red wine is ally of female sexuality and health and medicine sexually fitness in normal health be have medical science. The red wine stimulates the ‘Eros female is it’s not alcohol, my dear sir, let us go on tours and even the smell of him and are the chemical contained in red wine! The red wine contains chemical which help to increase the flow of blood seclusion in the most sensitive areas of the body of us women and this clearly increases the desire and makes us have more pleasing sex.

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The beneficial property of red wine is well known or even our grandmothers knew at the table and in fact there was always a good home wine to accompany meals. Already known to the positive things in wine there is one more and I would say that is a new entry not bad! The study on the benefits of red wine and Eros was made by a collection of researchers at the University of Florence who have available their work in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.