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And full props to the canine who gave his master a hand with the grocery bags.

But the following pet is the greatest pet in the history of pets.

His name is Bennett and his owner need only say two words to him in order for Bennett to fetch a bottle of beer out of the fridge: I’m parched.

Totally and completely awesome, isn’t it?

In other related dog and beer news, have you seen this Budweiser commercial that makes a rather strong argument against drunk driving? We could watch it over and over and over again.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Gazing Into the Abyss

With a blend of humor, mythology, character moments and crazy twists, Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 surely did not let down fans of the Fox series.

The focal point of the night was Sheriff Corbin’s son, Joe, who returns to Sleepy Hollow, New York, after a bizarre series of maulings begin to take place.

Ichabod Crane is having a tough time because of how disappointed he is in Katrina and her lies. Abbie says he may want to try yoga to find some inner peace.

He prefers the local tavern, however. Should’ve known.

There, he and Abbie are reunited with Joe Corbin, who survived a brutal assault during the war and made his way back up to this dozy little town.

Not dozy for the men who get attacked in the woods.

Ichabod connects this to Joe’s platoon, saying that Daniel Boone’s brother was a beast who attacked Daniel, whose famous hat sas designed to cover a scar.

Daniel, he says, once told the tale of a beast that was half human, half wild animal and feasted on human organs. A wendigo, or so the legend has it.

Joe, confronted by Sherrif Corbin, runs from Abbie and Ichabod. When Crane falls and cuts himself, this is the trigger for the now-inevitable wendigo transition.

They take him down with tranquilizers, but further investigation is needed and Nick reveals that any “cures” have traditionally consisted of … well, putting it down.

There is hope, though, according to Shawnee lore, and when Jenny feeds the wendigo some nice human organs, he returns to human form. Joe is back.

He informs our heroes about a powder he received in the mail with Henry’s return address, a “supernatural anthrax” if you will. This is what Henry sought.

After they track it down, Joe hands it over to avoid a violent bloodbath, but rather than cure Joe, Henry cuts him once more, triggering the wendigo.

Abbie traps him in an alley as Ichabod recites the Shawnee incantation that will bring him back to human form without having to put an end to its life.

It works, thank goodness, but they’re not out of the woods yet, since Henry used the poison to conjure up a tiny spider we see going in Katrina’s mouth. Ick.

Follow the link to watch Sleepy Hollow online and see this awesome episode for yourself, and share your comments and thoughts on what will go down next.