This is my new site, it reviews the best of all online gambling sites (먹튀사이and casino) and encourages positive or negative reviews from users who have had experienced with those sites.

Pro Players with to much cash??

After checking all the major forums I came across a very interesting thread about a prop bet between “good2cu” and “20k Jay”, basicly 20k Jay has to live in his hotel room for an entire month! If he leaves his room he will loose the bet (a webcam has even been installed in his room)

What to listen to when playing poker.

There was a recent debate on a popular poker forum with regards to what you listen to when playing poker, many people insist on pure silence to enable 100% concentration. Personally I like a bit of comedy in the background (my favourite being the Ricky Gervais Podcast and radio shows) see for downloads. The reason I think I prefer listening to comedy shows rather than music is the calming effect (especially after bad beats) and it keeps me relaxed throughout the game but stops me from falling asleep 😉 Also I find just listening to music for long periods of time to become really repetitive.

However some times I do like a change and listen to music mainly something heavy and upbeat, something that will keep me alert. Ofourse it’s probably better to not listen to anything and to concentrate purely on the poker, also if you are a passive player try putting on a bit of rock to get you pumped, but whatever you do don’t get tempted to turn that TV on!!!

You can now start your own poker blog, track your stats and improve your game while sharing your tips and tricks with the rest of the world!

Sit And Go Tourneys

After playing standard tournaments for so long I decided to play a few single table sit ‘n’ go tournaments, buyins ranged from $5-$21 with between 6-9 players. I decided to play a 6 hours straight with multiple tables. Played a total of 21 games total buyins cost $270 in total. I ended up with 7 wins, 8 times in 2nd and 6 in 3rd for a total win of $510 giving me a profit of $240 for 6 hours ‘work’

I found playing a tight aggresive game at full tilt poker gave me some very easy wins, however when I move up to multi table tournaments I find it much harder to cash out with a descent profit. However earning $240 for a few hours work seems fine for now.

Also playing smaller sit n go tourneys are a great way to improve your game and try a few more aggressive moves.