A Guide to Poker Etiquette


Poker’s Recent Rise in Popularity

Nowadays, poker is taking the world by storm. Poker players are becoming celebrities and cable television even airs shows dedicated solely to the game. What does all this mean? Two words: Big Business. The poker revival can really be attributed to the Internet. Online poker sites have grown exponentially in the past few years, reaching fans all across the world. Everyone from poker professionals to beginners can find an online Bandarq game that matches their skill and financial levels from the comfort of their own homes.


Tournaments such as the World Poker Tour also have played a hand in raising poker’s popularity. Non-professional players can participate and try their luck against the very best. Recently, a non-professional player managed to win 2.5 million dollars in the Tour, which attracted such popular attention that NBC recently signed a deal with them.


Today, sponsorship deals are everywhere. The Bandarq growing industry is bringing in billions of dollars a year, attracting investors and turning professional poker players into wealthy celebrities.


Poker has definitely come a long way over the past few years, developing into new areas never thought possible. Who knows what will come next!


Poker Etiquette

How many of us have seen an image on television of the polished poker gentleman, entering the casino in a tux with a Cuban cigar in one hand and a 100 dollar bill in the other? He sits down slowly and respectfully at the poker table, exuding an air of confidence while all the women ogle his cool composure and manners.


Perhaps that image is not as far-fetched as it seems. Believe Bandarq it or not, there is a proper etiquette to poker playing. Below are guidelines to help transform anyone into a poker playing ‘Don Juan’.


Be careful with your choice of words. Don’t swear or use abusive language at the table Remember this online – but its different with friends of course!)

Be polite to the dealer and to the other poker players (unless he is your friend and deals you bad cards).

Play at a decently fast pace.

Don’t make others wait by playing too slowly.

Don’t comment on anyone’s hand during the game to avoid giving unfair hints.

Try to limit unnecessary chatter to Bandarq avoid disturbing the concentration of your fellow players.

Most importantly, be modest if you win big 🙂