I know the Poker Shrink was not a fan of the World Series of QQWIN99 putting the final table players in a tent. The “Sequestrium” apparently was not a hit with the winner of the 2007 WSOP Ladies Event either. Here is what Ladies Champion Sally Anne Boyer had to say:

“We were sequestered in a TV room with space for only nine spectator seats. The security was tight and it was really small. Some of the women were very upset about it because each of the players was only allowed one guest inside the tent. There was a gentleman who narrated our play, two cameramen and a waitress. We felt like we were in jail.”.

The WSOP staff, particularly Commissioner Jeffery Pollack, are always saying they are open to input from the players. Well Commissioner here is some clear input. Only time will tell if anyone is listening.

UIGEA: One Year After

It has been a year since the US Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. In that year there has been zero enforcement because there are no actually rules or procedures for enforcement. Sure many companies have left the US market out of fear and business necessity but why exactly would a country like the US want or need to enforce it’s laws based on fear and intimidation.

But this is a poker blog not a political forum, so let me just add. I have not been affected by the US ban, except that there are fewer players on several of my favorite sites and I play for seats in poker tournaments not in the US. I like the US but you never know when they will decide to start arresting poker players for using online sites in defiance of their law that has no rules.

Strange way to run a country?

Poker Set Up

We don’t often talk about actual poker hands here on PokerBlog but I just couldn’t pass this one up. Actually I couldn’t believe it happened but I sent a screen shot off to the moderator, so he wouldn’t think I was making this up. And No! I do not think online poker is rigged.

This hand happened in a $5.00 +.50 Sit-N-Go, eight players are still in. Here is the hand.

Under the gun makes a 1X raise; there are two callers before me and I also call with 77. The big blind makes it five players to the flop.

The flop is K 10 8 rainbow. All check.

The turn is my 7, all check to me and I move all-in. All four players call my all-in bet putting two of them all-in and the other two have less than 100 chips left.

(Remember is a five buck single table satellite).

The river is an Ace making the board K 10 8 7 A; no flush and a couple of weird straight possibilities. The last two players put their few remaining chips into the third side pot and I await someone showing J9 or perhaps a rivered broadway with QJ. Everyone agree that at least one player has the J9 right? Maybe two? three?

Well you know this is going to be strange but this is STRANGE! I know you are waiting for me to say all four players have J9 for the turned straight.


The showdown hands are KK 1010 88 77(mine)and AA.

Yes, it was set over set over set over set over set.

The set of Aces took all four pots and I got to write a really strange hand report for the PokerBlog.